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Interior Designing Hacks That Will Help You Build A Better Living Space

Interior Designing Hacks That Will Help You Build A Better Living Space

Interior designing as a subject is very vast. However, there are some tricks and hacks to get you started on your journey to becoming an Interior Designer. We at Bhavy Shila are happy to share some of these with you to help you understand your space better and to turn your home into a spectacle marvel.


List down what you dislike:

It is a lot easier to list down things you do not like than to list down things you like. Doing this, gets you closer to getting clarity on things that you would not want to see in your living spaces. This would help you narrow down on things that you would like to see in your living spaces.


Define your style:

Look around, look within, find out what kind of styling would reflect your personality. Because your home is an extension of you. Now when we speak about style, the words that immediately pop up are, contemporary, minimal, classic, elegant, archaic, formal, fun, etc. Now to narrow down on what style you may like, look back, reflect. Was there a place that you visited, that you liked and wished your home was like that? Was there a hotel room that you once stayed in and wished you stayed there forever? Think! Go back! Explore your memory and you shall have your answer.


Sticking to your style to the T is not necessary:

Style defined? Great. Now let’s just say that you have every element of your home sorted and you fell in love with this chair that you saw at the furniture store whilst hunting for something that you wanted. Don’t fret, because mixing things up adds a little bit of character. Would that be Risky? Sure! Would it in any way be Rewarding? OH YES! It is not necessary that if contemporary styling is what resonates with you, your entire space has to reflect that, there can be elements that are not contemporary.


Select the right colour for your room:

Choosing the right colour of your walls is a task on its own, and not a simple one. To start this process, firstly define colours that you like. Then look at the space around you. Is it large? If so great, you have a lot more freedom to play around with shades and colours. If the space is on the smaller side, limit yourself to lighter colours. Now lighter shades do not mean that you select a boring colour. Look at the shade card and find that lighter shade of your favourite colour. Quick Fix – Go Pastel. Also, remember to sample the colour you choose for your wall, on your wall. Look at it in natural light (day time) and in the evening when the lights are on. If you like it, go with it.



Introduce an element of space:

We all go overboard when we go furniture shopping and end up buying a piece of furniture that might be too large or too small for your living room, or a bed that wouldn’t look right in the bedroom. There’s a fix for this, take a good look at the space you live in, visualize it, and know what would go where, measure with the help of your friends or family, and then go looking for furniture. And find a great custom shop that could tailor a piece of furniture you like to the dimensions you want it in.


Take it slow:

As excited you may be to fill out the your space, go easy on it. Because at times we end up buying everything at once, and eventually we don’t like what we did to our space. So, yes, buy the absolute essentials first, and then slowly start building up on it. This has multiple benefits. one, your home is constantly being improved upon. two, you have better clarity of things you want. Three, with time you have more funds to buy exactly what you want. Four, you find yourself a hobby.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article. Although, interior designing is a vast subject, these trick would definitely get you started on your journey to becoming an interior designing.

Pranab Ghosh

Pranab Ghosh is a designer and entrepreneur by profession. He loves to play the guitar, travel, write and learn about upcoming trends.

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