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Interior Design & Display

DIPLOMA COURSE – INTERIOR DESIGN & DISPLAY At, Bhavy Shila, you get the opportunity to grab complete Diploma Courses for Interior Design and Display which is really a great option now a days to grow in industry. Q: Why should I choose Interior Designing Courses? Nowadays, Interior Designing is the link between environment and humans.

Interior Design
Glass Painting

Arts & Crafts

Bhavy Shila offers a Diploma Course in Arts & Crafts. This is a 6 months to 1 year course that teaches you various things like Candle Making, Fabric Painting, Clay Work, Glass Painting, etc.

Sketching & Painting

Bhavy Shila’s diploma course in Sketching and Painting covers various aspects of sketching & painting like charcoal painting, dry pastel oil painting, sketching & shading, etc.

Charcoal Painting
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