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AutoCAD 2D

Best Institute for AutoCAD 2D Course in Gurgaon

A tool that is used in the drawing and depiction of two dimensional (2D) technical drawings. This is a great aid for drafts person to be able to sketch out a floor plans, building inspection plans, building permit plans, and landscape layouts.

AutoCAD 2D is used for drafting precise drawings without the use of technical drawing instruments. This tool/software gives the user the advantage of putting texts, dimensions, tables, etc. along with the drawings for better explanation of the project/drawings.

In Gurgaon with the increase in new buildings and upcoming properties & real estate, the need for qualified AutoCAD 2D drafts person has risen. As a result, the need for proficiency in the said software i.e. AutoCAD 2D has become increasingly important. At Bhavy Shila, we have a faculty of trained individuals who are experts in AutoCAD 2D, making us one of the best AutoCAD 2D training Institute in Gurgaon, providing short term certificate courses in Computer Aided Designing.

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